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Second Mortgage

If a lending institution is not able to offer sufficient finance to enable you to go ahead with the purchase of the property, there may be occasions when it is appropriate to look elsewhere for additional funding. This is called a top-up loan, and secured by a second mortgage. The main lender has what is called the first charge, and technically should be asked to agree to any arrangements for a second mortgage. However this secondary borrowing is not necessary taken out at the time of purchase and may be arranged later to finance home improvements or an extension after the property has increased in value and there is adequate security for the additional loan.

As with all your financial arrangements you should not enter any commitment without first talking to a financial adviser who will be able to offer professional advice and know which sources or insurances companies to approach on your behalf. In certain cases, generally for first-time buyers, it may be possible to arrange loans up to 100% of the valuation – i.e. in effect the full amount of the purchase price. It can be done so do please ask us for details.

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