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A garden is the area of private land around the buildings. An estate agent will only describe the garden in detail if it is the major feature of the property. If the exact nature of a garden is critical to you ask the agent to give you more detail by telephone, but whatever he may say, there is no alternative to a personal visit. Do not dismiss any property just due to the reference to the size of its garden.

A large garden could be easily maintained while a small intricate garden can require constant attention! Equally a large garden is not necessarily a guarantee of privacy. A small well screened plot can be very private indeed. Hence our advice – always go and see!

Some flats have communal gardens. Quite often the other flat-owners may be happy for you to take a personal interest in the garden, or part of it – especially in small schemes. Your doing the work, may save them money! Get your solicitor to investigate early on as this may be handled through an informal residents association.

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