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Fixtures and Fittings

These are any items in the house for sale, which are not part of the structure as such - for example - curtain rails, wall-hung bookshelves etc. Our particulars will indicate the main items included in the sale, but we do strongly advise that you agree a written list with the sellers and let both solicitors have copies. Curtain rails and light fittings may sound unexciting, but can save a lot of money and a lot of work if they can be acquired in situ. From the owner’s point of view when moving out, there are many other things to do, and unscrewing all the fittings is something many people would prefer to avoid – so the idea usually suits both parties.

If a payment is agreed, make sure you both know whether it is to count as part of the purchase price – or as an extra. Property deals worth hundreds of thousands have been known to fall apart after disagreement over a few pounds-worth of fittings.

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