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First-Time Buyers

This expression means those of you who are purchasing a home for the first time, and therefore do not have an existing property for sale. If you fall into this category, always mention the point at the outset, since there may well be special mortgage schemes or facilities available exclusively to first-time buyers which our financial adviser can suggest to you.

Having said that, a sincerely meant word of advice is not to commit yourself too quickly to any special scheme you are offered! Think carefully first and take advice. For example, many builders have special incentives which are widely promoted and sound attractive – but are they really right for you? Only if it is the property you really want, and where you really want it. If any form of subsidy is offered, work out who is funding it and what they are getting out of the exercise! You may be tied into taking future mortgages through the company for example.

Some schemes are beneficial, but do just check it out first.

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