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Estate Agents

We are not middle men nor independent brokers! You must understand that, as estate agents, we are employed by the seller-client to help market their house. Estate agents are said to act on instructions from the seller-clients. That means what it says: we take instructions from our clients. It is part of our job to advertise the property on their behalf, promote it widely and, during the sale negotiations, offer them our professional help and assistance. You will appreciate, therefore, that we cannot offer specific advice to prospective buyers. For example, we are not able to advise you about your offer. In this respect you must make up your own mind or take your own independent advice.

You can be assured we will be totally fair, open and honest in all the negotiations. We will always pass on every offer we receive. Indeed that is a legal obligation which gives us little discretion. And this critical obligation applies right up to exchange of contracts.

We will always tell you whether there are any other offers for the property although naturally we cannot reveal the amount involved. Negotiations are conducted by private treaty which means that the terms are not made public but are confidential to the parties involved.  You must decide what the property is worth to you. We will discuss this with the seller-client who may accept it or make a counter-proposal. At this stage the negotiations, while confidential, are all conducted ‘subject to contract’ which means any agreement is not then binding on either of you.

Once a sale has been agreed, subject to contract, we will keep a weather eye on the transaction throughout to make sure everything goes through smoothly and in accordance with our client’s instructions.

Because an estate agent is not an actual party to the contract, nor a legal adviser, it means we are better placed to advise and keep in touch with all parties in a vital liaison role. Indeed the importance of the estate agent should not be underestimated. Not only can we keep our finger on the pulse of the local market but our office can act as the central nerve centre throughout. We see this as a major part of our responsibility and will do all we can to offer assistance with any problem that arises.

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